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Smile Butik Hotel

There is a place in Turkey whose beach is listed among the best 30 beaches in the world. If you want to see it - come to the village of Çıralı - an oasis of peace and quiet, a perfect place for honeymooners, married couples and those trying to escape the hectic life in big cities.

c_320_185_16777215_00_images_cimg3722.jpgÇıralı has seen the rise and fall of several civilizations; it has been mentioned in legends and myth. You can travel in time if you spend a day wandering about the picturesque ruins of the ancient Greek town of Olympus which is not far from the village. Climb its watch tower to get a breath taking view of the bay.

One of the main tourists attractions in the area is Mount Chimera, called Yanatrash or burning rock by the locals, because of the methane gas which has been burning on the mountains for centuries. There used to be a temple on the mountain where people living in Olympus and Lykia would climb up to worship their gods and make their offerings to them. The mountain is said to have been called Chimera because in the older days many ships were wrecked on the reefs having mistaken the treacherous lights on the mount for those of a lighthouse.

The Çıralı 3-mile-long beach is one of the few places in the Mediterranean giant turtles have chosen as their breeding ground. From May to August the reptiles crawl onto the beach to make deep nests in the hot sand and lay up to 150 eggs into each of them. Here you have a unique chance to watch tiny creatures hetch and head for the water edge on a mid-August morning. And of course nothing can compare to swimming in the sea lit by glowing plankton on a dark starry August night. Besides you can always make a wish when you see a star falling down.

Citrus trees and century old pine trees are scattered all around the village. The fine combination of scents is sure to make you feel better.

The hotel is new, opened in the spring of 2007. We have tried to do our best to provide everything for your relaxed and carefree holiday. The beach is in 150m (2min walk) from the hotel. Each bungalow is 42sq.m. and has a double and a single bed, a shower, a hairdryer and air-conditioning. There is Wi-Fi Internet in the restaurant.

The owners are a young couple. Both are English-and-German-speaking.

There are six bungalows in the hotel, which helps to avoid haste and allows the hosts to pay more attention to each of their guests. Fresh home ground fruit and vegetables are used to cook for the guests all the year round. For breakfast we serve toasts, cheese, butter, honey, jam, eggs, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs - all home - made and home-grown. For dinner you can order fish or meat, served with curried Basmati rice or boiled-and fried potatoes. Our speciality is fresh take trout baked with onions, slices of lemon and rosemary. You must taste it!

How to find us: Çıralı is 80 km west of Antalya. Turu left 35 km past Kemera under the sign Çıralı 7. Another 7km and you get into the village.